10 Easy Hacks To Make The Interior Of Your Car Clean

If you spend a lot of time in your car driving home or from work, the car can almost feel like a second home.

Imagine having to endure dirt or stinky smells when driving? It can be irky and maybe unbearable.

Of course, it’d be great if your car interiors always looked like it just came back from the dealership.

That’s possible with proper car interior care and maintenance.

Quick Answer

As a whole, some car detailing tips and tricks interior include thorough and detailed car cleaning, degreasing and removing stubborn stains, cleaning out dust, and ensuring your car smells great. 

The important thing is for your car’s interior to look, feel, and smell great.

However, before you start any serious car cleaning, remove loose items from your car and start cleaning from the top.

Read on to learn more about car detailing tips and tricks for interiors, and say goodbye to dirty and smelly car interiors.

Car Detailing Tips And Tricks Interior

You can easily neglect your car’s interiors since it doesn’t collect as much dirt as the exterior.

In fact, sometimes, they aren’t so visible unless they’re snack wrappers, pet hair, food remnants, and more.

The dust and sweat settle in the interior buildup and may gradually translate to discomfort, hence the need for detailing your car.

How can you make your car’s interior look as good as the exterior?

As a general rule, here are some car detailing tips and tricks interior to help your car look and smell great again:

  • Vacuuming and detailed cleaning
  • Use degreasers to remove carpet stains
  • Use pressurized steam for stains
  • Clear your air vents
  • Use coffee beans as deodorizers
  • Clean the mats
  • Use essential oils
  • Clean the car seats
  • Maintain clean habits
  • Use dryer sheets and fabric fresheners

Your car’s interiors need as much care as the exterior, and you could use some tips to help you make it look good.

Here are some DIY interior car detailing tips and tricks to tweak your car’s look and smell:

Vacuuming And Detailed Cleaning

Vacuuming your car’s interior is essential. You need to remove the dirt and dust littering the car.

But first, you need to remove the floor mats. 

Then, start vacuuming the car from the top or the dirtiest areas.

Ensure you move the seats forward to remove dirt hiding beneath them, and if it’s made of cloth, you need to vacuum it as well.

Use Degreasers To Remove Carpet Stains

You can get food, oil, mud, or other stains in your car, but sometimes, they can be hard to remove if you use an ordinary cleaner to wash the carpet.

Your best bet is to use a degreaser to remove them. 

However, some degreasers can be harsh on the carpet, so you must dilute it using distilled water.

Using degreasers will leave your carpets spotless and eliminate the irky smell.

Use Pressurized Steam For Stains

Another trick for removing stains is to use pressurized steam on the affected areas.

Not only is it effective for spot removal, but you can also use it to clean and sanitize your car’s interiors. 

Clear Your Air Vents

Dust and dirt can easily cling to the air vents.

Depending on the condition, foul or irritating smells emanate from the air vents.

When the vents accumulate dirt and germs, the air that gets into your car will smell. 

Use cotton swabs or a small sponge to clean the upper and lower vents.

You should also clean the cabin air filter, drain the AC overflow, and squeeze out the drain tube to remove dirt and debris.

Expect fresher air when done with this.

Use Coffee Beans As Deodorizers

Coffee beans have a strong and energizing smell and can serve as a deodorizer in your car.

Get some of them in a sock, mesh bag, or paper bag, and keep them in your car.

The beans will absorb the bad smell in your car and ensure you inhale fresh air.

Keep some bags under your seat and change them every few days.

Moreover, you would want to keep them in stable places so they don’t spill and cause you to do some extra cleaning jobs.

Clean The Mats

You shouldn’t neglect your car mats.

They collect most of the dirt your feet bring into the car and some food and drink droppings or remnants. 

Your car will still smell even with deodorizers if the mats are dirty.

Remove them and thoroughly clean them.

Clean and scrub them using detergent and a brush; or degreasers if food stains persist.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have exotic smells, and even though they can be expensive, every drop you use in your car is worth it.

Put this in your car diffuser and enjoy a sweet, soothing aroma as you drive. 

Otherwise, you can put some drops in cotton and place them in your air vents or side pockets.

You can also mix the essential oil with water and spray some in your car. 

Clean The Car Seats

Your seats need cleaning. Ensure you vacuum if you need to, and use degreasers when needed.

Also, clean in between the seams on the seats and leave no dirty spots. 

If possible, get your car seat covered to ensure minimal dirt and debris exposure.

This is most important if you have pets or kids that may mess the seats up.

Maintain Clean Habits

Clean habits are important for maintaining a clean car interior that smells good.

Apart from your occasional cleaning, you should ensure you keep your car clean as much as possible. 

Avoid smoking in the car, remove trash daily, and clean spills and residues.

Always ensure you clean up a mess immediately.

Use Dryer Sheets And Fabric Fresheners

This is effective for ensuring fresh air in your car.

Who could’ve thought your laundry essentials could help your car smell good

Once your air vents are clean, hang some dryer sheets there to serve as an air freshener.

Puncture the box of dryer sheets and place it in your car.

You can also put it under your car seat for a long-lasting fragrance.


Car interior detailing is very important since you spend plenty of time in your car.

Your car should be clean and smell great at all times. 

Apart from the regular cleaning and maintenance you do to keep it clean, you should ensure you adopt clean habits to prevent dirt and debris buildup in your car.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep your air vents clean for refreshing air in your car,
  • Maintaining clean habits in your car is necessary for the interior to look and smell great,
  • Clean the car interior from top to bottom,
  • Clean hard-to-reach surfaces to prevent residues in your car.









Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge