About me

Hi there,

thanks for checking out my about me page!

My name is Jan-Lucas Ganssauge and I currently live in Hamburg, Germany. I grew up around cars as my father works as a mechanic, and in 2020 I finally bought my first car, a beautiful BMW e91 330d. Before this car, I always used my parents cars and never really thought about car detailing or washing a car properly. A car was just something I could use to get from A to B.

After spending quite some money on my own BMW, this view has totally changed and I have fallen in love with car detailing and car washing. I invested a lot of time in learning how to do it properly and getting the right equipment to make my car look as shiny as possible.

I started shinycarproject.com in 2020 to tell you about my experiences and to help answer all the questions I had myself in regards to car detailing. I want to answer common questions, teach you about car detailing in general and show you the best possible products on the market!

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do!


What I want to do in 2022

My ultimate goal is to become one of the best online resources with this blog for everybody who is enthusiastic about car detailing. This not only involves this blog that you are currently reading, but also informational and entertaining Youtube videos.

Moreover, there are some things I totally want to try out regarding car detailing in 2022:

  • Polish my beloved BMW: Honestly, the paint of my BMW is not in a bad state (except for the roof), so polishing it is not necessary. But what detailing enthusiast cares about what is necessary, right?
    I want my car to look the best it can, and this absolutely involves polishing it to perfection.
  • Use ceramic coating on my BMW: Everybody who is interested in car detailing has heard about ceramic coating. I totally want to try it out in order to protect my car the best way possible and in order to tell you all about it!
    So far I have mostly use spray sealants, which can give an awesome and protective finish. Nevertheless, a ceramic coating is totally the next level!
  • Make great Youtube videos for you to enjoy: What makes car detailing so great is that it is extremely satisfying. Seriously if you have never watched a video of a car getting detailed professionally, you have missed out on something. I swear you will enjoy it!
    Moreover, there are just so many detailing questions that need a proper answer, so it is my goal to provide you with them by continuing this blog and making awesome videos!


Here are some pics of me washing either my car or some other cars like a Porsche Taycan recently. I tell you, this car has a lot of surface area and needs a lot of snow foam and wash mitts to be cleaned properly! 😀