5 Simple Benefits Of Matte Paint On Cars

Glossy, shiny cars are attractive, and many people love the idea of gloss paint’s reflectiveness.

However, things aren’t the same anymore. While glossy finishes are still popular, matte paint is becoming more popular with its distinct look.

It also offers a few benefits you’ll like if you’re considering getting it on your vehicle.

Quick Answer

As a whole, the benefits of matte paint on cars are that it gives your vehicle a classy look and hides scratches, blemishes, dirt, and dust. 

Matte paint makes your car stand out, and this uniqueness is why some car owners wrap their vehicles to achieve a matte finish.

What’s unique about matte paint, and why should you get one? 

Read on and discover the benefits of a matte finish and how to maintain it. 

Benefits of Matte Paint On Cars

Some cars will catch your attention, while others will make you look twice, mainly because of how they look.

Matte paint will make you do either, but is there more to it?

As a whole, the benefits of matte paint on cars include the following:

  • Gives classy look
  • Hides dirt and dust
  • Hides minor scratches and swirl marks
  • Easy cleaning with matte paint cleaner
  • Doesn’t need clay or polish

Matte paint doesn’t give a glossy outlook, which may interest you since it’s different.

If you’re considering getting matte paint on your car, here are some benefits you’ll enjoy:

Gives Classy Look

Matte paint gives a classy visual appeal to cars. It’s not glossy but flat and classy.

Matte gives your car a softer look that accentuates your car’s trim while concealing imperfections that may ruin its looks.

The sun doesn’t reflect on the car when driving under direct sunshine, which contributes to its visual appeal.

If you want a stealthy look on your car, matte paint makes your car unique in the flow of glossy vehicles on the road.

Hides Dirt And Dust

Because of the flat and less shiny nature of matte paint, it easily hides dirt and dust from being glary.

Typically, dirt and dust make glossy cars look matte and dull the paint quickly.

However, since matte paint already has a flat look, it efficiently conceals dirt and dust, making them almost unnoticeable.

Therefore, you won’t need to wash a matte-painted car often since it’s less prominent. 

However, that’s not an excuse not to wash the car because built-up contaminants on your car will ruin the paint quicker than you think. 

Hides Minor Scratches And Swirl Marks

Aggressive washing and other factors leave minor scratches and swirl marks on cars.

These are even more obvious on glossy vehicles, leaving a spider web-like look on the car and more visible in the sun.

In addition, they also make glossy paints look duller than they are.

However, matte paint is created to give off matte effects on cars; therefore, swirl marks and minor scratches are easily concealed.

They won’t be as visible as on glossy cars, even under direct sunlight. 

However, you should ensure you use the appropriate cleaning methods to clean your matte car and prevent it from scratching because removal isn’t an option unless you repaint the car.

Easy Cleaning With Matte Paint Cleaner

You can easily clean and remove stubborn contaminants using matte paint-specific cleaners.

The cleaner breaks down contamination without ruining the car’s looks.

You won’t have problems removing road tar, tree sap, bird droppings, and insect remains from your car.

Doesn’t Need Clay Or Polish

You don’t need to use clay or polish on a matte finish to remove blemishes from the car because it conceals dirt, scratches, and other blemishes well.

More so, using clay or polish on a matte finish will do more harm than good. 


While the matte finish is good, it’s expensive and requires maintenance.

You have to be more careful with matte finish than gloss, and you can’t treat it anyhow.

However, some guides can help you make the most of the matte finish on your car. 

Here are some matte paint maintenance tips:

  • Store your car in the garage, away from moisture, direct sunlight, wind, rain, and groundwater.
  • Hand washing is the best way to preserve matte paint.
  • Use a special matte paint cleaner to wash matte paint.
  • Only use products manufactured mainly for a matte finish.
  • Remove contaminants from the car immediately after noticing them. 
  • Don’t polish or wax the car, as it can alter the paint.
  • Avoid using buffing machines and polishers because they can damage the paint.
  • Don’t wash the car at an automatic car wash.
  • Avoid using products meant for glossy finishes on the car.


Matte paint is unique and outstanding on cars. It conceals dirt, scratches, and blemishes easily, so your vehicle always looks good.

However, matte paint requires proper maintenance; therefore, this isn’t something you should take with levity if you want the finish to last long. 

You can’t treat it the same way you treat glossy car finish; otherwise, you may have to replace the matte finish quicker than planned. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Matte paint gives cars classy and unique looks.
  • Matte finish easily conceals dirt, scratches, dust, and swirl marks.
  • Matte finish requires more care than glossy car paint.
  • You shouldn’t polish or wax the matte finish.
  • Use only matte finish-specific products on the paint.









Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge