Can You Ceramic Coat A Windshield (9 Great Benefits)

If you have a ceramic coating on your car, then you will understand the great job it does on the body.

Some car owners are only so focused on the car’s body protection that they sometimes neglect the windshield.

Once the tires look clean, the body is glossy, and the interior looks and smells nice, they’re good.

But your car’s windshield also needs a little bit of that good. This might make you wonder if you can use ceramic coats on your windshield. 

Quick Answer

On average, you can ceramic coat a windshield; it’s safe and adds benefits, including protection, aesthetics, easy maintenance, and much more. 

Like you coat your car’s body, you can do the same to the windshield, and it’s a growing trend, so you won’t feel like an odd person.

Ceramic coating makes your car look sleek and shiny, and it shouldn’t just be the body alone but the windshield. 

Find out why you should do that in this article! 

Can You Ceramic Coat A Windshield?

Shiny cars are eye-catching and beautiful.

People spend a lot to ensure their cars retain their beauty — they do the paint job, waxing, and applying a ceramic coat on it.

But how much attention do they pay to the windshield, considering that they need it for visibility when driving?

Your windshield needs a little something too, and could it be ceramic coating?

Quick Answer

As a whole, you can ceramic coat a windshield for protection, aesthetics, and durability. Ceramic coating your windshield will prevent grime and dirt from sticking to it when driving, and it lets water beads slide off your view instead of gathering, even making it easy for your car’s windshield to do a better job at clarity.

Ceramic coating your windshield is no big deal, so you have nothing to worry about.

It is good on your windshield just as it is great on the car’s body. This is a growing trend, and you can do it yourself.

You can enjoy a whole lot of benefits from ceramic coating your windshield.

If you like DIY stuff, you can ceramic coat your windshield by following these steps:

Step One: Prep The Windshield

You must clean the glass inside and out and ensure it is debris free.

Pay special attention to the edges and rubber seals to ensure water or debris isn’t hiding there. 

Then, use a detailing bar over the surface to smooth it out, and use a diluted isopropyl alcohol spray solution and microfiber cloth to wipe it clean without leaving streaks.

Step Two: Apply The Ceramic Coating

Ensure you’re working in a shady area for this step.

Then use a clean microfiber cloth to apply the ceramic coating to the windshield.

Apply it in a small, circular motion for clean work.

Step Three: Leave It To Cure 

After application, you need to leave it to cure.

This should take about five minutes; then, you can rinse the surface with mild car wash soap and water to remove residuals that may leave streaks or marks.

Benefits Of Ceramic Coating A Windshield

Aside from the car’s body, ceramic coating also looks good on the windshield.

If you haven’t considered that before, then you should. There are many reasons why you should.

In total, ceramic coating a windshield offers different benefits, including: 

  • Better visibility
  • Reduced scratch potential
  • Easy maintenance
  • Great clarity
  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Protection from chemical stains
  • Reduced frost build-ups
  • Ease of removal of contaminants 
  • Reduced interior temperature 

Ceramic coating the windshield has many benefits that you’ll enjoy.

Therefore, rather than leaving the windshield bare, you can add a ceramic coating to it and enjoy the following benefits:

Better Visibility

Ceramic coating contains hydrophobic properties that lets water slide off your vision as you drive.

This is mostly beneficial during poor weather conditions.

Reduced Scratch Potential

Ceramic coating is strong, durable, lasting up to 5 years.

This includes anti-scratch properties that protect the windshield from scratches when washing or from blowing sand.

Easy Maintenance

Ceramic coating is known for its self-cleaning properties, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Its nature prevents debris and other stuff from sticking to it.

Great Clarity

Applying ceramic coating on the windshield will add an extra touch of clarity to it.

It ensures nothing gathers on the windshield to cloud your vision when you drive.

Protection From Harmful UV Rays

The ceramic coating on your windshield makes it anti-glare and protects you from UV rays when driving.

Protection From Chemical Stains

Acidic contaminants are in the air and can cling to your car.

With ceramic coating in place, these chemical stains can’t bond to the windshield and leave a cloudy outlook.

Reduced Frost Build-Ups

Ceramic coating is beneficial during colder months.

It helps to reduce frost build-ups on the windshield when driving and ensures clarity.

Ease Of Removal Of Contaminants 

Ceramic coating makes washing off dirt and contaminants on your windshield easy.

Reduced Interior Temperature 

Ceramic coating reduces the impact of heat your car is exposed to during summer.

As a result, the room remains cool and comfortable even if it’s super hot outside.


Applying ceramic coating on your windshield is totally worth it. It protects the windshield, and it improves your clarity when driving. 

More so, it blocks out heat and UV rays and protects you when driving.

Ensure you’re careful when applying ceramic coating on your windshield, so no residuals can leave streaks on it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ceramic coating is good for a car’s windshield,
  • Ceramic coating makes it easy for you to clean the windshield,
  • Coated windshield prevents UV rays and heat from penetrating your car


Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge