How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car (DIY Car Wrapping Costs)

In the car detailing world, the DIY options are countless. Some of them are great in their value-quality relation; others, not so much.

The best way to decide the worth of taking the matter into your own hands is to have all the information!

Quick Answer

The cost of wrapping a car yourself will range from 500$ to 2500$. The materials needed and the quality of the car wrap will influence the exact amount to be paid. Moreover, the bigger the car, the higher the cost because more vinyl wrap will be needed.

There are many other aspects to consider apart from the tools and materials you need.

Fortunately, I will break everything down for you in this post! Keep reading to discover the most significant aspects of DIY car wrapping.

How Much Is It To Wrap A Car Including Vinyl Wrapping Tools

The table below shows the cost of the most necessary things for DIY car wrapping:

Items neededCost
Quality car wrap200$ – 1000$+
Squeegees and tucking tools50$ – 300$
Blades30$ – 50$
Heat gun50$ – 100$
Infrared thermometer50$ – 100$

Apart from these items, there are other necessary things for DIY car wrapping.

Let’s take a closer look at the cost and use of the most important ones.

Quality Car Wrap

Using a quality car wrap is a central part of car wrapping. Many products on the market offer low prices, but the quality in return is not so good.

The fact is, with vinyl wraps, you pay for what you get.

If you are looking for a cheap option instead of a quality one, your car wrapping might not last as long as if you used a better product.

The looks of your car could also take a blow if poor-quality vinyl is used.

Car wrap prices for a mid-size car range from 200$ to 1000$.

This price range reduces or increases depending on the wrap customization, the color, the finish, etc.

Squeegees And Tucking Tools

Wrapping a car is a process that requires many tools.

To effectively wrap your car, you would need a kit of squeegees and tucking tools.

The price of these kits can range from 50$ to 300$, depending on how many pieces they include.

EHDIS Car Wrapping Kit

This kit includes everything you need to wrap your car. It has a squeegee, blades, tucking tools, and more.

Click the link to grab yourself a kit to make your next wrapping project easier and more fun.

Luckily, these kits can endure several wrappings.

If you are thinking about regularly going through this process, a kit could be a good investment. 


Blades are necessary tools for wrapping your car. There might be the case that you have some suitable blades at home that can serve this purpose.

If that is not the case, a set of blades for car wrapping can cost about 30$ to 50$.

I would recommend you have specific blades for this process.

That way, you can take better care of them and only use them for car wrapping.

Heat Gun To Stretch Vinyl Wrap

The car wrapping process cannot be done without a heat gun.

Heat guns are necessary to help the vinyl wraps stick to the surface of the car.

When you don’t use this tool, the panels will not stick properly and will peel off in no time. 

DEWALT Cordless Heat Gun

This high-quality cordless heat gun from DEWALT is perfect for your next car wrapping project. It is super easy to use and the lack of a cord makes it incredibly handy for car wrapping.

Click the link below to buy one for yourself!

An effective heat gun can cost from 50$ to 100$.

Make sure to add this tool to your wrapping equipment. 

Infrared Thermometer To Check Car Temperature

Although the vinyl needs to be heated, you need to be careful not to go overboard.

A controlled heat will provide the best results, and the optimal way to keep this in line is to have an infrared thermometer. 

Etekcity Lasergrip

This dual-laser infrared thermometer makes sure that you do not overheat and damage your car wrap.

Click the link below to buy one for yourself!

The price tag of an infrared thermometer oscillates the 50$-100$ mark. Your vinyl and your car will appreciate the use of this tool.

Honorific Mention: Time

People say time is money, so I thought adding it here was not so far off the mark. DIY car wrapping is not a fast process.

Furthermore, it is not a one-person job. It will take about two days minimum for two people to wrap a small car.

Some sources refer to at least 30-40 work hours.

If you don’t have enough time to take on this task, this could be an added cost for you to consider.

These are some of the most known items for DIY car wrapping.

However, there are other tools you need to have the best results possible.

How Much Vinyl Do You Need?

The requirements of vinyl vary depending on the size of the car. This difference also affects the price. These are the average requirements:

Car sizeVinyl needed
Small cars (convertibles and Coupes)A 5ft x 50ft vinyl roll
Mid-size cars (Sedans)A 5ft x 55ft vinyl roll
Large carsA 5ft x 60ft vinyl roll

Understanding the dimensions of your car can help you better purchase the needed vinyl roll.

Try to calculate correctly. That way, you won’t find yourself without vinyl wrap in the middle of the process!

The type of wrap you want to do will also determine how much you need.

If you are only looking for a partial wrap, for example, your vinyl wrap needs might be reduced.

You can include these facts when you are making the budget for your car wrapping.

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Other Factors That Influence The Price

Apart from the tools and the vinyl wrap, there are other factors to consider when DIY wrapping your car. 

These are the other factors that influence the cost of DIY car wrapping:

  • Vehicle dimensions
  • Vehicle conditions
  • Full vs. partial wrap
  • Wrap finish
  • Customization

Vehicle Dimensions

As already mentioned, the dimensions of the vehicle will determine how much vinyl you need.

This can directly affect the cost, as you will need to spend more on wraps. A bigger car also means more parts to wrap.

Furthermore, the bigger the car, the more time you will spend wrapping it.

You need to consider the lengthy process of car wrapping and decide if it works for you.

Vehicle Conditions

Before wrapping your car, you need to prep the surface. This includes fixing bumps and scratches, eliminating rust, etc.

If the vehicle is not in good condition, the prepping process could take some bucks out of your pocket.

The vinyl wraps will attach better to smooth surfaces.

If you install the wrap on damaged surfaces, you might lose the investment you did in the first place. 

The products and processes needed to provide the optimal conditions for car wrapping could increase the cost.

Full vs. Partial Wrap

Whether you want a full or a partial wrap for your car, the price will vary.

Since the vinyl requirements will be different, the price will change as well. 

A full wrap requires more time, effort, and vinyl than a partial wrap.

Knowing what you want to do is paramount to make an accurate budget.

Finish Of Car Wraps

The options of wrap finish on the market are limitless. From the simplest finishes to the most luxurious, there are over 12 alternatives you can choose from.

This variety also impacts the price of car wrapping. You could even finish your car wrap in gold!

Knowing all the added benefits and costs of the different finishes will give you a better idea about which one you should get. 

Some of the most famous finishes are gloss, chrome, chameleon, satin, camouflage, and matte. 

Customization Possibilities For Vinyl Wraps

If you decide to add a custom vinyl wrap to your car, the price could increase.

You would need to have the wrap designed and customized according to your needs. The cost of a customized wrap can go from 500$ to 4000$ on average. 

If you want an exceptional design for your vinyl wraps, you should anticipate this added cost. 

DIY or Professional Car Wrap – Cost Comparison

Quick Answer

DIY car wrapping can cost from 500$ up to 2500$+. Professional car wrapping costs about 2500$ to 6000$. In both cases, the price will be affected by the materials, tools, size of the car, and other factors. For DIY enthusiasts, wrapping the car can be a saving opportunity and a fun task to take on. 

DIY wrapping a car can be a daring task. If you feel ready for it, and you love DIY, then this is an easy call.

However, you should take all the aspects mentioned in this article into account in order to decide wisely. 

A professional car wrap can be an attractive option for those car owners who would prefer an expert doing the job for them.

Professional car wrappers can even dismount some parts of the car to increase the quality of the job. 

Both options have their benefits, and there is no wrong answer here. It is a thing of preferences, time, and perhaps budget.

If you feel like you want to take the matter into your own hands, nothing can stop you!

Key Takeaways

  • You can DIY wrap your car
  • The price of the vinyl wrap will vary depending on the finish
  • You need a set of tools to wrap your car
  • Prepping the surface is paramount for car wrapping
  • Wrapping your car can be a time-consuming task
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge