8 Simple Reasons Why Waxing A New Car Is A Must

Modern cars are fancy, and you can drive them with pride.

They look so good that you probably can’t imagine anything happening to their aesthetics so good that you may want to skip the waxing process and drive them through the rain or sun.

Quick Answer

As a whole, modern cars need to be waxed because waxing protects the paint from damage from UV rays, contaminants, and water spots and helps the car look good for longer.

While modern cars have newer paint technology better and last longer than the old ones, you can never go wrong with waxing a car.

Modern cars have shiny exteriors that you can swear will last long without protection; however, you shouldn’t let that deceive you. 

Do Modern Cars Need To Be Waxed?

Modern cars have more recent and effective paint protection.

In fact, their plastic panels and rust-resistant alloy attempt to prevent what many car owners fear; rust.

With all these in place, you are tempted to skip waxing and drive your modern car without any protective layer like waxing on it.

However, it isn’t the best thing to do.

While the clear coat can last for a while, it disintegrates with every wash when it has no layer of protection.

Therefore, instead of focusing on how great the car looks, you should focus on the benefits of waxing your modern car. 

The following are the reasons you should wax your modern car:

Protects The Paintwork

One reason to wax your modern car is that it protects the paintwork.

Wax forms an invisible shield over your paint and prevents the elements from ruining it.

This prevents the clear coat from rusting, making it last longer.

Repels Dirt And Water

Wax has hydrophobic qualities, making it easy to repel water and dirt from sticking to the clear coat.

Waxing will greatly benefit your modern car if you live in a constant rain location. 

More than that, it also prevents dirt from sticking to the clear coat.

Therefore, it makes your car maintain cleanliness for longer before you need to wash it. 

Shields From UV Rays And Fading

UV rays are one of your car paint’s enemies. They can fade out and crack the clear coat easily when not protected.

A wax stays on top of the clear coat and shields it from UV rays, preventing oxidation, cracking, peeling, or patches on the car that can make it ugly.

The wax takes the hit from the sun and protects your car until it wears off; then, you need to reapply it.

Makes The Car Easy To Clean

Waxing on modern cars is beneficial because it makes them easy to clean.

Stubborn dirt like bird poop, tree sap, and others will easily come off your car. 

You won’t need to scrub so hard and scratch the paint when you have a wax layer on your car.

This also prevents the paint from dulling out quickly.  

Prevents Contaminants

Another reason to wax your modern car is that it prevents contaminants from bonding to the car.

Tree saps, water spots, iron fallouts, dry bugs, and more can easily stick to the clear coat; however, waxing prevents that from happening. 

Prevents Minor Scratches

Waxes offer protection against minor scratches.

While they don’t have 100% protection against scratches, they prevent clear coat scratches.

Furthermore, they can prevent scratches that occur when washing your car. 

Enhances Gloss And Shine

One of the reasons people wax their car is because of how it enhances the car’s outlook.

Waxes contain gloss-enhancing properties that make the paint look better and shinier.

This is an added benefit to all the protection it gives to the car. 

Prevents Water Spots Damage

Every car owner should dread water spots on their car.

It ruins the car’s aesthetics and can damage the paint if not removed.

The minerals and chemicals that water spots leave behind slowly etch into the paint and cause problems. 

However, wax prevents water spots by beading up the water instead of spreading over the car.

It also makes it easy to dry the water.

More so, the water will affect the wax before getting to the clear coat, which gives you enough time to save it. 


Modern cars need waxing for different reasons.

Waxing protects the car in many ways and makes it look better.

You can wax your car yourself or take it to an auto shop. 

Furthermore, you need to re-wax the car after some months because it wears off quickly and doesn’t last as much as a ceramic coating. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Modern cars need to be waxed.
  • Waxing protects modern cars from contaminants and UV rays damage.
  • Waxing makes your modern car shinier. 








Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge