Who To Inform After A Car Wrap (DLVA, Police, Insurance)

Wrapping your car completely changes the vehicle’s previous look.

Sometimes, the wrap might be plain or customized, altering the car’s original look.

While you might be excited about the car’s new dazzling look, there’s also the question of whether you should inform the DVLA about it.

Quick Answer

As a general rule, you should inform the DVLA if you wrap your car because you have altered a detail you originally registered with them, and this will save you in the future in case of theft.

Just like you registered your car with the DVLA, you should inform them about this change, whether permanent or temporary.

Why should you? Get ready to find out whether to inform the DVLA and who else needs to know about this change.

Do You Have To Inform The DVLA If You Wrap Your Car?

On getting a new car, you must register the details with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in line with the law to identify cars used on the road.

Considering that you already met the rule after buying the car, you may feel there is no need to update them about the change since they already have your car information.

Quick Answer

As a whole, you should inform the DVLA if you wrap your car, as it is a legal requirement.

Some people may think informing the DVLA when you wrap your car is unnecessary, especially when it is a temporary change.

However, it will do you good if you do so.

More so, filling out the V5C form online to document the change on your car will only take a few minutes. 

Besides being a legal requirement, why should you inform the DVLA about wrapping your car?

The other reason is to help you find your car in case of theft or if it’s used to commit a crime during that period.

Car theft isn’t unusual, and it will be much easier for the police to help you find your car if you fill in updated information.

For example, if the information you filled in the V5C form states that your car is white and the wrap on your car is in another color, it may be difficult to locate your car. 

Furthermore, if the thief commits a crime using your car, you can help the police catch them with accurate detail.

In addition, you should inform them about the color underneath the wrap.

Who Else Should You Inform If You Wrap Your Car?

Wrapping your car alters its original look. While informing the DVLA about wrapping your car is great, sometimes, that isn’t enough. 

As a whole, aside from the DVLA, you should also inform your insurance company and the police about wrapping your car. 



Of course, you don’t have to go to the police immediately after your car is wrapped.

However, this vital information can help the police help your case if the vehicle gets stolen, lost, or damaged in an accident.

Informing the police will help them draft an accurate police report.

In addition, since car wraps are temporary and easily removed, you should tell them other details like the vehicle’s structure and original paint.

This will help them take the appropriate legal steps. 

Insurance company

Informing your insurance company about wrapping your vehicle is fitting.

Otherwise, it could be a future pain in the ass. For example, your insurance company may be unable to help you if the car is involved in an accident and damages the wrap.

They are unlikely to replace the wrap since they have no prior knowledge.

Furthermore, it can lead to void or discontinued insurance policies.

They can claim that they have no idea about the wrap, making your insurance policy void.

In addition, they may discontinue your insurance policy since the alteration makes a difference.

Therefore, you will need another insurance company to cover the wrapped car


Informing the DVLA about wrapping your car is important.

It will save you in times of trouble.

In addition, you should inform your insurance company about it to avoid invalidating your insurance.

Overall, ensure wrapping your car is in line with the law, and filling the V5C form is quick, so you have nothing to worry about. 

Key Takeaways:

  • You should inform the DVLA if you wrap your car, whether temporary or permanent.
  • Inform your insurance company after wrapping your car to avoid voiding your insurance.
  • In case of theft or damage, inform the police about the previous color and car structure.








Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge