All Reasons Why To Avoid Rain After A Car Detail

After detailing your car and it looks pretty, you take it for a drive or simply leave it out for a while, and then it starts raining.

That can be disappointing. You probably think that rain is regular water and shouldn’t ruin your car detail and should make it cleaner.

Quick Answer

As a general rule, rain does ruin a car’s detail because it may contain contaminants that will affect the clean car unless it is protected after detailing.

As a car owner, you ought to know that rain is one of your vehicle’s enemies, as it can eat deep into the clear coat and cause corrosion.

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect that rain won’t ruin your detailed car.

Instead, you should think about the way forward; that is, wash the rain off your car to prevent any damage. 

If you still believe rain cleans cars and shouldn’t ruin your car detail, this article will convince you otherwise.

Does Rain Ruin A Car Detail?

It can be quite frustrating if it rains after you just detailed your car.

Rain isn’t the cleaner that you think it is; therefore, you should bother if it rains on your car after detailing it. Why?

Quick Answer

As a whole, rain will ruin a car’s detail and will make it dirty again because it isn’t clean and will attract more dirt and debris to the new car; however, if the car was protected after detailing, rain can’t ruin it.

Rain isn’t as pure as you think, and instead of cleaning your car more after a detail, it will make it dirtier, and that’s why you may notice that your car isn’t as clean as it was after a downpour.

First, rain contains different contaminants and impurities that, when they get on your car, they leave water spots or chalk-like residues on your vehicle.

While they may look harmless, they can become a problem for the clear coat if not removed from the car surface.

They can corrode the paint under high temperatures and damage the paint while causing it to etch.

Other times, rain splashes on the ground and will attract dirt, grime, and debris to your newly detailed car.

These will stain your car and make it look dirtier. In addition, rain can be acidic sometimes, which isn’t great for your detailed car. 

However, if your car is protected after detailing, you won’t need to worry about rain ruining the vehicle.

If you get a liquid wax coating on your car after washing, it will repel the water from the vehicle and let it slide off easily or bead on the surface.

In addition, this protection also makes it easy for you to clean off whatever dirt gets on your car due to rain.

While protection can prevent rain from ruining a car detail, you should still clean your car after a downpour.

You may simply need to dry the beaded water on your car using a microfiber cloth to prevent water spots and contaminants from settling in your car. 


Rain doesn’t clean your car, and it will ruin it after detailing.

You need to protect your car after detailing; wax or ceramic coat it to prevent any adverse effects from the rain. 

If you can’t afford to get the layer of protection, it’s better to park your car in a garage when it rains after detailing it.

Otherwise, wash your car again and dry it after a downpour.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rain will ruin a car detail.
  • Wax coating and other protection will prevent rain from ruining a car detail.
  • Wash or dry your car after it rains if it’s not protected.


Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge