Don’t Worry About Rain Ruining Your Car Wrap

Many car owners know that the weather isn’t nice on cars, whether rain, sun, ice, or snow.

Therefore, people protect their car’s paint by getting it wrapped.

Car wraps are meant to protect, right? So, are they good in the rain? 

Quick Answer

As a general rule, rain doesn’t ruin car wrap; however, that depends on different factors. A sudden downpour won’t ruin the car wrap unless it’s not installed properly or it’s already damaged. Most times, first-time exposure to the elements won’t do any real damage, but continuous exposure does.

While rain doesn’t get along with cars, it won’t immediately ruin your car wrap; however, you can’t always trust that, so you need to take some steps.

Does Rain Ruin Car Wrap?

The rainy season is a time some car owners are nervous about, considering that rain affects car paint and contains contaminants that can affect the clear coat.

However, with protections like car wraps in place, they can relax, but they still have concerns about whether the wrap will be safe during rain.

Quick Answer

As a whole, rain does not ruin car wrap if it’s not already damaged and is a quality one. Exposing your car wrap to the rain for the first time might be okay, and since you have to drive in the rain sometimes, car wraps won’t be ruined to an extent.

However, that depends on certain factors. Vinyl is more delicate than paint and will likely take more hits from the sun than the latter.

However, quality vinyl wraps will withstand the rain for a long time.

Quality car wraps are meant to last years without fading, cracking, and peeling off, but proper maintenance also plays a role.

Although car wraps aren’t water-resistant, they can hold out in the rain.

But as mentioned earlier, some factors come into place. For example, the rain will ruin the car wrap if it isn’t installed properly.

Rain can ruin a car wrap you just installed if it doesn’t adhere properly to the vehicle.

If there’s an already damaged or lifted part of the car wrap, rain can get in, ruin it and let it lose its adhesiveness, and make it peel.

Therefore, you need to fix any damaged car wrap quickly.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t constantly leave your wrapped car in the rain, or the color will start to fade.

It’s even worse if you leave rainwater on the car and the sun cakes it on the vehicle.

Ensure you park the wrapped car in a garage or under a shade when it’s raining.

While rain won’t suddenly ruin the car wrap, ultimately, it will if you keep letting that happen. 


Rain won’t ruin car wrap on first contact, but continuous exposure will eventually cause the color to fade and ruin the look.

In addition, other factors like proper installation, quality material, and the state of the car wrap also play roles in ensuring rain doesn’t ruin the car wrap.

Therefore, properly install the car wrap even if it requires professional help.

Then, ensure you limit the car wrap’s contact with the rain, and take proper care of the wrap so it can last long.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rain won’t cause immediate damage to the car wrap.
  • Car wrap quality and installation determine how soon and much damage rain will cause.
  • Constant exposure to rain will make the car wrap fade.


Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge