Wax Makes Your Car Shiny (And More)

Your car’s shine fades over time with frequent use.

In addition, the sun, rain, and other elements contribute to that, which makes the color fade faster and lose its shine.

Waxing is popular among car owners, and you may be considering trying it but unsure whether it will make your car shine.

Quick Answer

In general, wax makes your car shine and makes the surface glossy while protecting the paint. It is an effective way to make your car shine, and you get added benefits when you wax your car.

Read on to clarify any more doubts about waxing your car.

Does Wax Make Your Car Shine?

Car waxing is a common practice among car owners.

You’ve probably walked or driven past a waxed car before without knowing it, and you might have heard about how it improves your car’s looks. But is that true?

Quick Answer

As a whole, wax makes your car shine, making it look better than before. Waxing makes your car look almost new, sparkle, shine, and glow, and that’s one of the reasons many people wax their vehicles.

Moreover, it’s affordable compared to other protective layers on the car.

Wax contains carnauba wax, natural oils, beeswax, and some petroleum distillates, all of which contribute to how waxing makes your car look fantastic. 

The good thing about waxing is that it doesn’t just make your car look good; there are other added benefits as well, including:

Protects The Car From Scratching

Beyond making your car shine, waxing protects your car from scratching.

It forms a protective layer over the vehicle and prevents minor scratching and swirls from the paint.

The wax takes the hit while protecting the paint, so it can last long.

However, it doesn’t protect from significant scratches.

For example, your paint will hardly get scratched from a car wash; running a sharp object over the car will scratch the wax and paint.

Increases Resale Value

After driving a car for a while, at some point, you would want to change or upgrade it to a new one.

No one will buy an old-looking vehicle at a high price, even if that’s how much it’s worth.

It has to look good; otherwise, you might sell at a loss. One of the factors dealers consider to determine a car’s value is how it looks. 

However, waxing your car before a sale will increase its resale value because the wax will boost the shine and make the car look good.

If you wax your vehicle often, you won’t need to do it again when you need to sell the car, as it lasts a couple of months.

Protects The Car From The Elements

Cars are often subject to harsh weather. A little sun exposure and more rain exposure, while not immediately, damages the paint.

They make your paint fade and crack. Sometimes, they cause oxidation in the paint, leading to rust build-up, which will cost more to fix when worse than waxing.

Waxing your car prevents UV rays from damaging the paint and rain from getting to the clear coat.

UV rays and rain attack the wax first; if the wax is still strong, these harsh elements won’t get to your car.

You can preserve your car’s paint for an extended period by waxing consistently.

Makes The Car Easy To Wash

Another added benefit of waxing your car is that it is easy to clean. Wax is a slick layer on your vehicle, preventing dirt from bonding to the car.

Therefore, when you wash a waxed car, the dirt slides off easily.

You won’t need to scrub hard on the paint to clean your car, and you will still get a shiny car afterward.


Waxing is one of the best things to do for your car.

It makes your car look good, protects it from the elements and minor scratching, and makes it easy to wash. 

However, that will only last as long as your wax is effective.

Therefore, you should wax your car every three months to ensure it never loses its shine and preserves the paint.

Key Takeaways:

  • Waxing your car makes it shine.
  • You need to wax your car often, at least every three months.
  • Wax protects your car from minor scratching and damage from the sun and rain.







Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge