What You Need To Vinyl Wrap A Car – Complete List

No matter the task you are about to take on, having the proper equipment will make things much easier for you.

Car wrapping is no exception to this rule. If you want to wrap your car yourself, you might be wondering what equipment is needed for the task.

Quick Answer

To wrap a car successfully, you will need a heat gun, a squeegee, a cutting blade, cutting tape, measuring tape, gloves, safety glasses, an infrared thermometer, microfiber towels, magnets, and vinyl wrap. Isopropyl alcohol and a clean worktable are also great to have.

Using the proper equipment will improve the quality of your car wrapping.

Understanding how and why these tools are necessary will give you the upper hand when taking on this task.

Stay with me to learn all this useful information!

Tools Needed To Wrap A Car With Vehicly Vinyl Wrap

These are the most necessary tools to wrap a car:

  • Heat gun
  • Squeegee
  • Cutting blade
  • Cutting tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Microfiber towel
  • Magnets
  • Vinyl wrap
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Clean worktable

Heat Gun

Heat guns are handy items that have a myriad of uses. They are one of the favorite tools of craft people for their versatility.

You can use heat guns to work on pipes, plastic, vinyl, and many more. 

For car wrapping, heat guns are an essential part of the process.

Milwaukee Cordless Heat Gun

A heat gun is essential when wrapping a car. Get this quality cordless heat gun from Milwaukee to make car wrapping easy and fun!

This tool is necessary for an effective wrapping, as the vinyl will stick to the surface better when heated.

Moreover, you can soften and stretch the vinyl wrap with the heat gun.

It is crucial not to overheat the vinyl, as you could harm it.

For this task, you will want to use a heat gun with variable temperature. 


Squeegees are necessary items to apply and stretch the wraps properly.

You can use this tool to give smoothness to the surface once the wrap is in place.

However, you will want to select your squeegee mindfully.

Some squeegees could be stiffer than others. After trying a few of them, you will be able to pick the best one for you.

Many car owners recommend using a felt-end squeegee for optimal results.

There are also contour squeegees for the most challenging parts of the car.

Gomake Felt Squeegee

Did someone say “Felt Squeegee”? This is the product for you! Cleary a no-brainer, so check it out now!

Cutting Blade

Having a cutting blade of any sort will always be a fine addition to your toolbox.

In many cases, you might need to cut the vinyl wrap for it to fit the car perfectly. If this is the case, you will want to have a quality blade at hand.

Cutting Tape

The cutting tape is an innovative alternative to cutting blades. They are designed to cut the vinyl wrap without the need of using blades or knives.

The process is rather simple and will produce a clean cut on the wrap.

Furthermore, this tool poses no harm to the surface of the car, as there are no sharp objects near it.

If you can get yourself a good cutting tape, you might be onto something great!

3M Cutting Tape

You need good cutting tape, I have good cutting tape. Follow the link and get some for your next car wrapping project! I promise your life will be easier this way.

Measuring Tape

The most effective way to use the precise amount of vinyl needed is to use a measuring tape.

This tool will allow you to use the necessary vinyl panel.

When measuring, try to leave some extra inches to be safe. 


When car wrapping a car, you need to be careful not to leave marks on the wrap.

If you use polyester gloves, you will make sure that no fingerprints are left on the vinyl, thus providing a better result.

Furthermore, the gloves will allow you to run your hands through the surface smoothly. 

Safety Glasses

Protecting your health is always paramount when taking on any task.

The best thing you can do to protect your eyes is to grab yourself some safety glasses!

NoCry 6X3 Safety Goggles

These goggles fit over glasses, protect your eyes, and make you look super cool while wrapping your car? Wanna look super cool? Follow the link then!

Some small particles could jump when you cut the vinyl wraps, so it is better to be on the safe side. 

Infrared Thermometer

An infrared thermometer is a valuable addition to your car wrapping tool kit.

The vinyl needs to be heated but overheating it can cause more damage than good.

You need to be careful with the temperature.

The best way to protect your vinyl is to have an infrared thermometer and work at a controlled temperature.

When it comes to your car and your investment, “better safe than sorry” is the way to go.

Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towels and cloths are always awesome additions to your car detailing equipment.

Microfiber is the most efficient material to use when cleaning your vehicle.

With car wrapping, there is no difference.

Chemical Guys Microfiber Towels

Car enthusiasts can never have enough microfiber towels. They are easily affordable, quite durable, and you need them for everything. You need new ones? Follow the link to get some great microfiber towels then!

With a microfiber towel, you will be able to give a nice cleaning to your wraps once you have put them in place.

Grab some microfiber towels and keep them near you while you wrap your car. 

This item will also be useful when prepping your car for the wrapping process.


Magnets are an absolute must-have when wrapping a car. They make car wrapping so much easier and help you to keep the vinyl wrap in place, while you can do anything else like cutting, measuring, etc.

GoMake Magnet

My favorite magnets for wrapping a car. They manage to keep the vinyl in place and safe you a lot of headaches.

Click the link below to get yourself these magnets!

Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

This might be an obvious statement, but you need a vinyl wrap.

There are many leading brands you can choose from to buy a quality product.

Using a high-quality vinyl wrap will improve the looks and the duration of the wrapping. 

Moreover, you can choose from the different finishes or even have your vinyl wrap customized.

Depending on the brand and type you select, there might be some recommendations for applying it from the manufacturer.

Be sure to follow these instructions in order to have the most impressive results. 

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is the best cleaning agent to make sure that every kind of debris, oil, and whatever else could be on the paint is removed.

Cleaning the car, or the parts that are to be wrapped, with IPA makes sure that the vinyl can stick properly, increasing durability and longevitiy of the vinyl wrap.

A Clean Worktable

This is an absolute no-brainer. Prepare your space before you start wrapping a car. This reduces the risk of damaging the car, the wrap, or injuring yourself.

Moreover a clean worktable makes the car wrapping process more fun as you will find all your equipment immediately. It saves a lot of time, so make sure yout worktable is tidy and organized.

Bonus: A Friend

Wrapping a car is an arduous task, so having a friend help you do it can make the process easier!

Doing the wrapping all by yourself would require lots of time and effort.

Better share the task with a friend for best results.

With these tools in your equipment and a friend to give a helping hand, you will be able to wrap your car perfectly! 

You can purchase many of these tools together in pre-packed car wrapping kits.

There are several offers on the market for you to get everything you need at the same place!

Is It Necessary To Prepare A Car Before Applying Vehicle Vinyl Wrap?

Quick Answer

The prepping process is a crucial step of car wrapping. The surface needs to be clean and smooth before applying the vinyl wraps. Otherwise, the dirt trapped between the wrap and the surface of the car could cause damages to the paint, create bubbles, and affect the overall looks of the wrapping. 

Just as with car paint, prepping and cleaning the surface of a car is essential.

Don’t skip this step to gain the most dashing looks and the most durable wrapping possible.

Items To Prep Your Car For Car Wrapping

To prep a car for car wrapping, the following items are necessary:

  • Car wash materials
  • Wax remover
  • Clay bar kit
  • Isopropyl alcohol and spray a bottle (optional)

Car Wash Items And Products

There are many items and products needed for washing a car.

You need car shampoo, washing mitts, washing buckets, a pressure washer, and many other things to give your vehicle a perfect wash.

All these items and products and your best washing techniques are necessary to prep the car for car wrapping.

Don’t forget the benefits a pre-wash procedure can offer you!

Pre-washing the car can help make the washing safer and more practical and the wrapping process better.

You can check some of my tips for car detailing here.

Wax Remover

Since the vinyl wrap will cover the car surface, there is no need to apply car wax before wrapping it.

Furthermore, the wax could make it harder for the vinyl to stick to the surface. 

If your car has wax on it, you will want to remove it before going forth with the wrapping.

Use a wax remover to eliminate all traces of wax from your car and have a first-class wrapping. 

Chemical Guys Clean Slate

Get yourself this amazing deep cleaning car soap from Chemical Guys to perfectly prepare your car for a wrap.

Clay Bar Kit

Clay bar detailing is one of the best options to remove the smallest contaminants from the surface of your car.

This process can tackle some contaminants that regular car washing might have missed. 

The surface of the car will be at its smoothest after you use a clay bar kit on it.

This will provide the most pristine conditions for car wrapping. 

You can read an article I wrote about the benefits of clay bar detailing here.

Isopropyl Alcohol and a Spray Bottle (optional)

Some car owners like to spray the car with isopropyl alcohol after prepping it for car wrapping.

With a spray bottle and a mixture of alcohol and water, you can give one final clean to the car.

You can use a microfiber towel to help with this process. 

Either way, a good wash, and a clay bar kit will do the trick, so this is an optional measure. 

Key Takeaways

  • There are many tools needed for car wrapping
  • You need to prepare the surface of the car before wrapping it
  • Having a friend helping you will make the process easier
  • Clay bar detailing can improve the quality of the wash
  • You must watch out for the temperature in order not to damage the vinyl
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge