8 Simple Steps To Make Your Car Wrap Last Longer

Car wraps are meant to last up to five years and, sometimes, seven.

However, car owners may start noticing scratches, peeling, warping, or fading after a few months.

This could be due to different factors; but, you can make your car wrap last longer.

Quick Answer

As a whole, you can make your wrap last longer by protecting it against the weather, parking in a garage, and cleaning and maintaining it correctly.

Like many things, car wraps will last long with proper usage and maintenance, and that’s what you need to do.

However, extending your wrap’s lifespan will be meaningless if it’s already ruined.

Therefore, you need to know what shortens the lifespan of wraps and work towards avoiding them. 

This article contains guides on extending the lifespan of car wraps.

How Can I Make My Wrap Last Longer?

Sometimes, wrap damage can be inevitable, especially when you don’t know that the things you allow have been slowly ruining the wrap.

But thankfully, you’re at the right place, and you can make your wrap last longer.

As a whole, you can make your wrap last longer by doing the following:

  • Hand wash the vehicle
  • Remove dirt and contaminants immediately
  • Wash the car regularly
  • Protect against the weather
  • Park in a garage
  • Take it to a professional
  • Limit usage
  • Get quality car wrap

While knowing what shortens your wrap’s lifespan is a great idea, knowing how to make it last longer is better.

That way, you can work towards preventing damage to the wrap and extending the lifespan. 

The following are ways to make your wrap last longer:

Hand Wash The Vehicle

Hand washing your wrap is one of the crucial ways to make the wrap last long and extend its lifespan.

While they are fast and convenient, automatic car washes aren’t the best for your wrap. 

Wash using your hands and use the right cleaning tools.

For example, use a soft sponge or cloth and soap safe for wraps to wash. 

Remove Dirt And Contaminants Immediately

Your wrap will last longer if you immediately remove dirt, stains, insects, saps, and gasoline from the car.

If you leave these contaminants on your wrap for too long, they can ruin it before you know it.

Therefore, use the right supplies to clean your car.

Wash The Car Regularly

Car wash is essential for a long-lasting appearance, and your wrap is no exception.

Your wrap needs regular washing for it to last long. You don’t need the wrap looking pale and old when it isn’t. 

Protect Against The Weather

The weather is one of the biggest enemies of your wrap. Rain, sun, and snow can fade, peel, crack, and warp the wrap.

Therefore, you must protect the wrap against the weather by waxing, ceramic coating, or using paint protection film.

These will protect it against the weather and boost the car’s look.

Park In A Garage

Your wrap needs shielding, and you can ensure that by parking the car in a garage.

The garage will protect it from rain, sun, dirt, heat, and other damaging contaminants.

Otherwise, you can park under a shade or use a fabric over it when you’re not driving. 

Take It To A Professional

Sometimes, what the wrap needs is for a professional to examine it.

If you notice some bubbles on it or you’re considering getting a protective layer of the wrap, you should consult a professional.

They can suggest the best way to protect the wrap and expertly install the protective layer. 

Limit Usage

Usage is one of the killing factors of many devices, and it can reduce the wrap’s lifespan.

You can make your wrap last longer if you use it less, but that may be impossible if you drive your car often, so trying other ways is a better option.

Get Quality Car Wrap

Quality is the best way to go when getting wraps on your car.

Good and top-grade wraps will last longer than subpar, cheap ones; therefore, you should invest in quality. 

What Affects The Lifespan of Car Wraps?

If your wrap is used under the right conditions, there is no debate that it will serve you well.

However, some factors can shorten the lifespan of your car wrap, but knowing them will help you avoid them moving on.

As a general rule, the following affects the lifespan of car wraps: 

  • Strong exposure to sunlight
  • Water pressure washing
  • Automatic car wash
  • Excess humidity
  • Harsh chemical

Knowing the factors that prevent your wrap from lasting long will go a long way in helping you extend the lifespan of the wrap. With that said, they are:

Strong Exposure To Sunlight

One of the fastest ways to damage your wrap is by exposing it to extreme sunlight.

Doing that will make the wrap fade faster, crack, warp, or peel off.

This makes the wrap worthless, which will require you to change it earlier than you should. 

Water Pressure Washing

Water pressure washing is another quick way to ruin your wrap.

Using a pressure washer above an 800 psi to 2000 psi will easily peel off the wrap and expose your car.

In addition, using the pressure washer too close to the wrap will pull it off and damage it.

Automatic Car Wash

Another thing that can ruin your wrap is using an automatic car wash.

Many car washes use harsh cleaners that can easily scratch or peel off the wraps.

Therefore, you want to limit your visit to automatic car washes. 

Excess Humidity

Excess humidity on the wrap can make the wrap peel off.

This can make the adhesive tackier, the wrap softer, and stretch it.

Harsh Chemical

Harsh chemicals will also ruin your wrap quicker than you think.

Whether from cleaning products, road salt, or other things you use on your car, harsh chemicals won’t make your wrap last long.


The elements and improper maintenance will shorten your wrap’s lifespan.

Protecting your wrap, washing it correctly, and parking in a garage will go a long way in making it last longer.

Additionally, ensure you get a professional to install the wrap for you so it can last long. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Harsh chemicals, sun exposure, and wrong washing methods will ruin your wrap.
  • Waxing, ceramic coating, or paint protection film will make your wrap last longer.
  • Park the wrap in a garage or under a shade for protection.
  • Use only quality wraps on your vehicle.







Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge