How Long Do Car Wraps Last In The Sun?

Car wraps can make your automobile stand out, and beyond that, they protect the paint, which is why many owners wrap their vehicles.

These wraps take the hit from rain, sun, snow, and the environment instead of your paint.

Plus, the aesthetic bonus they add to cars is nothing to ignore, but can the sun let it shine for a long time? 

Quick Answer

On average, car wraps last for about two years when consistently exposed to the sun but will otherwise last for about five years under normal circumstances. 

How long car wraps last in the sun depends on different factors, as they could last longer or not up to two years, even with exposure to the sun.

Leaving your car in the sun isn’t a great idea, whether wrapped or not.

If you need more information on how long your car wrap will last in the sun, stick around to find out.

How Long Do Car Wraps Last In The Sun?

Car wraps are a growing trend, and they’re worth the effort and money.

In fact, they’re quite affordable to install, whether you DIY or get professional help.

However, people hesitate when trying new things, and you’re probably wondering if your car wrap will last in the sun.

Quick Answer

On average, car wraps will last two years or less if you expose them to the sun too often. Moreover, car wraps should last about five years; if not driven often, they may last up to seven years, but the sun isn’t nice on car wraps. 

How does the sun affect car wraps?

UV Rays

The sun emits UV rays that can be damaging to the car wrap.

While these damaging rays may be invisible to the eye, the car wraps feel them in constant contact with the sun.

This will result in the car wrap fading, losing color before you know it, and making you change it earlier than you should. 


The heat from the sun is another thing that can make your car wrap not last its expected lifespan.

While heat plays a part in adhering the vinyl wrap to the car, it can also cause damage to it.

Excess heat from the sun will make the wrap lose its adhesiveness, making it peel or warp. 

In addition, high temperatures can make the wrap soft and pliable, which makes it stretch and warp, ruining its appearance.

Beyond that, other factors are involved regarding how much the sun will affect the car wrap. 

For example, if the wrap wasn’t installed properly or isn’t getting adequate maintenance, it makes it easy for the sun to bleach out the color and make it susceptible to fading, tearing, or warping.

With proper maintenance, your car wrap should last up to five years.

How Do You Extend The Life Expectancy of Car Wraps?

The sun tampers with how long your car wrap lasts. Heat and UV rays from the sun don’t mean well for your car; however, if you don’t take care, more things other than the sun will ruin your car wrap faster. 

As a whole, you can extend the life expectancy of car wraps by doing the following:

  • Park in the shade
  • Take it to the pro
  • Proper care and maintenance 
  • Not driving during harsh weather

Your car wrap can last a long time, provided that you take some action.

The following are the things to do once you have your car wrapped:

Park In The A Shade

Parking your vehicle under a shade is a way to extend its lifespan, protecting it from sun damage.

Park your car in a garage whenever you’re not on the move to limit the wrap’s contact with the sun.

This will also protect it from rain or snow to an extent.

Take It To The Pro

After exposure to the sun, you may notice some bubbles in the car wrap, and you may be tempted to straighten them out.

However, that may not be the best idea and may ruin the wrap more than it already is.

Instead, you should take it back to the professional who installed it because they know what to do to fix the issue on the wrap.

Proper Care And Maintenance 

Like many things, your car wrap needs maintenance to last. First, you must wash the car wrap the right way.

Wash it gently using the right soap and soft sponge, and gentle washing.

You should also avoid using a pressure washer, or the whole thing will come off, or set it as an 800 psi.

In addition, avoid automatic car washing and don’t use the wrong polish and wax.

Then, ensure you remove any grime or contaminants immediately.

Not Driving During Harsh Weather

Harsh weather won’t do the car wrap any good.

Therefore, you should try to keep your car wrap away from it as much as possible.

You shouldn’t drive in the rain, snow, or extremely hot sun unless necessary.


The sun damages your car wrap; therefore, you need to limit the wrap’s exposure to it.

If you want the wrap to last for more than two years, ensure you park your car in a garage or under a shade.

Then, ensure you follow proper maintenance tips regarding car wraps. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Car wraps last for two years or less in the sun.
  • Car wraps should last about five years under normal circumstances.
  • Park your car in a garage under shade to protect it from the sun and extend its lifespan.