Car Wrap Cost: How Much Is A Wrap Removal?

For every car owner who has wrapped the car, there comes the time for removal.

Removing the vehicle vinyl wrap is a standard procedure, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have questions about it.

You might be considering the risks, the benefits, and the cost. In this post, I will help you with the last one!

This post explains how much it is to remove car wrap in detail.

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Quick Answer

Removing a car wrap costs around $300 and $1000. On average, the cost is around 500$ for most jobs. Nevertheless, factors such as improper materials, a faulty installation process, and damaged vinyl wraps could substantially increase the cost.

If you want to know more about all of the factors that could alter the cost, stay with me!

In this post, I will explain everything about the prices of car wrapping removal.

Cost To Remove Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

Quick Answer

The average price of a car wrap removal is 500$. This cost is altered by different aspects such as the size of the car, the difficulty of the job, the damages to the vinyl, and many others. In some areas, professionals charge around 50$ to 100$ per hour to remove the wraps.

Vinyl wraps are not simple decals that can just be removed by peeling them off.

There are several steps to follow, and the process can take some time to be done effectively.

Even though it is a simple process, it does require its work.

Either way, professionals are capable of removing the panels in a short time without harming the car.

The removal is normally done section by section to ensure it is done correctly. 

In most cases, removing the vinyl wrap is an easy process. The panels are designed with the removal in mind.

Therefore, quality vinyl comes with an easy removal process too.

A cheap material, in contrast, could cause some problems. 

The installation of the wraps will be paramount for the practicality of the removal.

As you may have already imagined, the harder the removal, the more expensive it is. 

The size of the car will also alter the price. For smaller cars, the removal time could be shorter, thus decreasing the cost.

If you want to remove wraps from an SUV or any other big model, it will require more work, more time, and more money. 

For damaged vinyl, the process could become considerably more difficult.

When the panels are damaged, they tend to fuse with the paint.

Once this happens, removing them without harming the exterior of the car might be a complicated task. 

Caring for your wrap will not only improve the looks of your car but could also save you some bucks in the long run.

The better the conditions of the vinyl, the easier the removal process.

In this sense, it is crucial to keep your vinyl in good shape. 

If you want to know more about how to care for your wrap, you can check this detailed article I wrote about the duration of vinyl and how to protect it.

Most removal processes take about one to two days to be completed. For difficult cases, it could take longer, thus increasing the price

Does The Wrap Removal Process Cause Damage To The Car?

Quick Answer

Removing the wraps should not cause any damage to the surface of the car. The vinyl is meant to peel off after treating it correctly without leaving any marks, chips, or scratches on the paintwork. The paint should be in the same conditions it was at the moment of wrapping. 

As previously said, wraps are meant to be removed at some point.

Therefore, manufacturers bear this in mind when giving vinyl its adhesive properties.

With enough patience, heat, and expertise, wraps should come off, leaving the surface in perfect conditions.

Furthermore, the wraps can offer a protective layer to the car.

This layer would prevent any contaminants and scratching objects from reaching the vehicle.

Instead of causing damages, wraps can help maintain the conditions of the paintwork.

Unfortunately, there are some factors that could cause damages to the exterior of the car.

In extreme cases, the paint could be affected by the removal when these factors are involved.

For that, it is better to prevent any of them.

In general, the removal of car wraps is a safe procedure for your car. Don’t be afraid to take your ride to the professionals and let them work their magic. 

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Factors That Could Increase The Price Of The Removal Process

The cost of the removal will be affected by the difficulty of the job and the possible damages the surface could suffer.

The factors that could increase the price go hand in hand with those that could damage the surface. They are:

  • Improper installation surface
  • Using the wrong products
  • Improper care / Bad Maintenance
  • Inexperienced wrap removing workers

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Improper Installation Surface

Properly installing the wraps is one of the keys to success with car wrapping.

Not only for the removal but also for the overall looks of the car.

Effectively installing the wrap can also help extend the lifespan of the vinyl and reduce the cost of removal.

With a proper installation, the care could also be simpler because the wrap will be in optimal conditions.

When the installation is done incorrectly, there will be a variety of problems from the very beginning. 

The paint of the car should be in the most pristine conditions possible before installing the vinyl.

If this is not the case, the paint will attach to the vinyl glue and come off when the panel is removed. 

The already damaged paint would suffer even more from this faulty installation process. 

At the moment of removing the wraps, the difficulty involved would cause the price to go up.

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Using The Wrong Products

From the vinyl to the products used to remove the wraps, using quality products will help protect the surface of the car.

With vinyl, you get what you pay for. If you decide to go for a cheap product, you will probably suffer the consequences in the long run.

A low-quality vinyl will most likely fuse with the paint, thus making it harder to remove it.

Moreover, some inexperienced owners could even use the incorrect vinyl for their wraps.

This could cause a catastrophe when removing it.

Some vinyl wraps are not designed for cars. Their adhesive properties are meant to stay put and never removed.

If you use one of these vinyl wraps, you could cause a great deal of damage to your paintwork when trying to peel it off. 

The work would also be more difficult, thus making the professionals to charge you more for removing the vinyl panels.

Apart from the vinyl, there are some other substances used when installing the wrap, such as primer, that could affect the paintwork.

Any adherent or abrasive product will most likely damage your exterior when removing the wraps.

Bad car wraps can not only damage the car, they can only decrease car resale value. I have written an in-depth article about the effects of car wrap on car value, so make sure to check it out here.

Bad Maintenance Of The Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

The better you take care of your car and your wraps, the easier the removal will be.

It is paramount to care for your wrap to avoid any unwanted damage to the exterior.

Moreover, if the removal is an easy job thanks to the care, it will also be cheaper.

When the wrap is not cared for correctly, the conditions of the vinyl will be affected and will start merging with the surface of the car.

When this happens, removing the wraps will harm the paintwork. 

You need to protect the integrity of the wrap to ensure a damage-free removal process.

You can check this piece from Ceramic Pro about the dos and don’ts of car wrapping care.

Gtechniq Flexible Coating

This ceramic coating has been engineered for car wraps. If you spend the money to wrap your car, make sure to protect the wrap by applying this killer product. How do you get it? By following the link!

Leaving the wrap on for too long could also end up causing problems at the moment of removing the vinyl.

You should be attentive to the conditions of your wraps to have them removed when it is time. 

If you let the vinyl overstay its welcome, it could create a stronger bond with the surface that would eventually result in damages and a higher cost for removal.

You should make sure to get water spots removed from your car wrap as soon as possible.

This is not even super expensive. To find out how much it costs, make sure to read my article about it here.

Inexperienced Vinyl Removing Workers

Both for the installation and for the removal, you should go to the experts.

Having inexperienced workers removing your wrap could cause more damage than you can imagine.

The damage would result in spending more money in the long run.

If they don’t know their way around the process, they could end up overheating the vinyl and harming the paintwork.

They could also use sharp objects on the exterior and scratch your paint. 

Instead of removing the wraps, they could make them adhere even harder with the wrong techniques.

They could work under incorrect conditions, like under direct sunlight and in too hot environments.

All these aspects could cause the vinyl wrap to be removed incorrectly and compromise the integrity of your paintwork.

Even if you are working on a budget and you need to save some money, you should look for a quality job.

Choosing the cheaper option could result in more extra expenses to fix the car after your car has been botched by inexperienced workers.

Protecting your car should be a priority. Leaving it in the hands of the professionals will give you a good night’s sleep knowing that your ride is safe with them. 

If you want to be more informed about how car wraps are removed, you can check this post from House Call Pro.

Key Takeaways

  • The difficulty of the job can increase its price
  • If the wrap has fused with the paint, the process will cost more
  • Using the right vinyl will help with the removal
  • Removing car wrap should not damage the paint
  • Having experienced professionals remove the wrap will ensure the quality of the job
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge