10 Examples: How Much Does Water Spot Removal Cost

There are several costs involved in maintaining your vehicle in top-notch condition.

Your car needs tender, loving care to serve you longer; besides, it looks better when you take care of it.

The current economic times make car owners shudder at considering shouldering car repair expenses, hence the need to take care of vehicles before damage happens.

It includes removing water spots from automobile surfaces to prevent them from rusting. But how much does it cost?

Generally, water spot removal costs range from $50 to $150. Some car washes charge you for this service per hour while others give you a blanket cost. Also, the service may be offered to individuals as an add-on or be included in one vehicle detailing package.

It is essential to research before you want to take your car to a professional car wash to get water streaks removed.

While this information is available on car wash websites, it could be challenging to sift through all that information to find the information you want.

Lucky for you, this article breaks down the costs involved in this service based on different car washes.

Read to the end to learn more!

How Much Does Water Spot Removal on a Car Cost?

As mentioned above, it could be difficult for individuals to determine exactly how much water spot removal costs.

Car owners could be anxious about spending a lot of money removing the stains because they lack specific information giving them a rough idea of the costs involved.

So what is the rough estimate of water streaks removal in car washes?

Removing water spots from your vehicle could cost you up to $150. This amount could be part of a full or partial car detailing session. The amount could be lower (as low as $50) if you opt for specific car surfaces only to be rid of the spots. The cost also lowers when you choose water spot removal services only.

The following are the specifics of the costs involved in removing water streaks from your automobile in various car wash facilities:

 Car Wash Location Water Spot Removal Cost Specifics
Live Next Level Window CleaningKelowna, Canada$10-$20/paneThe cost of window spot removal is determined by whether a chemical stain remover or acid is used to clean.
NorthWest Auto SalonLynnwood, Washington$125/hourThe cost is for removing hard water spots only in the affected area.
Detail DoctorShrewsbury, New Jersey$145/hourThe price covers removing water spots from the entire vehicle’s surface.
Aaron’s Detailing HawaiiHonolulu, Hawaii$25- $100Water spot removal is listed as an additional service, and car inspection is required.
Valencia Auto Spa Car WashValencia, California$129.99 and upRemoving water spots is one of the facility’s detailing packages and is offered alongside hand waxing.
Detail BossScottsdale, Arizona$100/hourThe quote covers removing water spots from every part of your vehicle.
JacksonVille Auto DetailingJacksonville, Florida$100The cost varies based on the size of the affected area.
Quality DetailingRoanoke, Virginia$50 and upHard water spot removal is offered as an additional auto service.
The Mobile Car SpecialistsNew Zealand$100-$150 + GST (Goods and Services Tax)Vehicle spot cleaning is available in this facility as an add-on, and individuals must wash their vehicles before the service or pay an extra $50+gst for washing.
Red Carpet Car WashFresno, California,Clovis, california$259Light water spot removal is offered only as part of the Diamond Package.

Table Summary

You can determine how much a water spot removal session could cost from the information above.

Each car wash is different, so their packages may differ based on the hours it will take to clean the vehicle or other services offered alongside water removal.

Also, your quote depends on whether you will pay for water spot removal alone or as an add-on alongside odor removal, pet hair removal, hand washing, waxing, or ceramic coating application.

Some car washes offer spot removal for specific surfaces, for instance, windows only.

Others charge you to pay for them to remove the streaks only on the affected area.

You can also pay a blanket cost to get water spots removed from the entire vehicle surface.

Another factor to consider is that some countries have an additional fee on top of the quote you receive for water streak removal.

For instance, in New Zealand, you pay the spots removal fee plus a goods and services tax.

Now that you have a rough idea of how much it costs to remove water streaks from your car, you can set aside a budget for the same.

However, it is ideal to call or contact the facility for a specific quote, so you are better prepared financially before going for the service.

Factors That Influence the Cost

Various factors influence the cost of water spot removal services. They include the following:

  • How bad the water spots have become on the vehicle
  • What products do car detailers use to remove them
  • Where the water streaks are most prominent on the vehicle
  • The time it takes to remove them
  • The size of your vehicle
  • Other services, in addition to water spots removal

The factors are detailed below.

The Severity of the Water Spots

The severity of the water stains on your vehicle could determine the cost you will bear to have them removed professionally.

Trained individuals know that water spots are unique and caused by different sources, hence their categorization in three stages: 1, 2, and 3, as explained below:

  • Stage 1 water spots are the most common and are easier to amend than the other stages. They are mainly caused by mineral deposits and contaminants in water that evaporates and leaves them on the vehicle’s surface.
  • Stage 2 water spots are those that car owners let dwell on their car’s surfaces, enabling them to embed into the clear coat. Hence, they are more challenging to eradicate.
  • Stage 3 water spots are the most severe; they have etched into the clear coat so aggressively that car detailers must perform various paint correction procedures to remove them.

Hence, the cost of removing water spots varies depending on their severity.

The Methods Used to Remove Them

The materials used to remove the water spots also determine their eradication cost.

As mentioned above, water spots vary in severity. Therefore, the products or materials used to eradicate them wouldn’t be the same.

For instance, a stage 1 water stain may require a simple cleaning session to remove it, while a stage 3 water stain requires paint protection for the vehicle to be rid of the spot.

Hence, you cannot pay the same amount for the two different water spot removal treatments.

The Surface Where the Water Spots Are Located

The area where the water stains are more prominent also determines the cost of removing them.

For instance, the spots could be more prevalent on the windows and the windscreen but not on the rest of the vehicle’s body.

Conversely, the whole vehicle surface, including the interior, could be covered in water stains.

Hence, you may pay a lower amount if only specific parts of the car are to be cleaned of the spots and pay more to do the same on the entire vehicle’s surface.

The Time It Takes to Remove Them

The time it takes to eradicate water streaks off your car could also influence the service’s cost.

It happens when the car wash you seek those services charges per hour.

So, the longer it takes to remove the water stains, the more money you will pay for the service.

The Size of Your Vehicle

Your automobile’s size could also be a contributing factor to the cost of removing water spots from it.

Some car washes charge individuals based on the size of their vehicles. Therefore, your car size influences you to pay more or less money to have the professionals at the facility remove the stains off the vehicle.

Other Add-On Services After Water Spots Removal

Seeking services that complement spot removal also influences the total costs you will incur.

For instance, you must pay extra if you want a paint protective coating on the car to prevent other water spots from forming. 

Some will also charge you to wash your vehicle before applying the spot removal treatments.

Add these costs to the ones you already incurred for water spot removal, and you will find that you have spent more money.

Some car washes could offer discounts if you seek other services besides the water spot removal session.

You can take advantage of them to save money and channel it towards other causes or activities.

Key Takeaways

  • Water spot removal costs from $50 to $150 depending on the severity of the problem, the size of your vehicle, the stain removal products, which car surface they are on, and how long it takes to eradicate them.
  • Adding other complementary services to water spot removal also influences your costs.
  • Water spots vary in severity from stage 1 to 3; stage 1 is the most common and easy to remove, while stage 3 is the most severe.













Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge