What Happens When Electric Cars Get Wet?

One fear some people may have with driving electric vehicles is water getting on it.

It’s popular knowledge that electricity and water don’t mix well, and this could be a cause of concern for someone who intends to buy an electric car but you have nothing to worry about.

Quick Answer

As a general rule, nothing happens when an electric car gets wet; you can’t get electrocuted, and the car won’t spoil. 

Therefore, you can drive your car around without fear of what may not happen.

You’re safe if you drive your EV through the rain or a water puddle.

However, if you still feel unsure, this article will help you clear your doubts. 

Read through to find out.

What Happens When Electric Cars Get Wet?

While electricity and water aren’t great together, you can do little to prevent your electric vehicle from getting wet.

You need to wash it, and you may get caught up in the rain sometimes.

However, you don’t have to get scared about what can happen when your electric car gets wet.

Quick Answer

As a whole, nothing will happen when your electric car gets wet because EVs are designed to protect the car’s electric systems should it come in contact with water. Manufacturers make the electrical components watertight to prevent water from getting in to do any damage.

If water gets in, the system is designed to trip the circuit breaker to prevent any risk.

In addition, these cars are designed to prevent water intrusion and are well-insulated.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the battery getting wet and causing any risk.

The batteries are insulated and can stop water from getting in, preventing them from conducting electricity and protecting other parts from rusting.

Furthermore, all electric and also hybrid cars undergo testing to ensure they are safe when wet.

Manufacturers perform a soak test on them, and mere water on the car can barely do any damage.

Since electric cars have fewer components than combustion engines, they are less prone to damage and are safe even if you drive through twenty inches of deep water.

Moreover, electric cars also have many sensors and detectors that help with safety checks if water ever gets in and cuts off the electricity in the car.

Most electric vehicles have a rating of IP66 and above, so you’re safe to drive through flood or water puddles.

The only thing that can become a problem is when water enters the battery pack, which is highly unlikely.

This will cause the battery to rust; therefore, you should exit the car if you suspect the battery pack is wet.

Can Electric Cars Electrocute You?

Many people have overcome the fear of their electric cars electrocuting them, and they drive their cars comfortably; while for others, not so much.

As you know, many electrical devices electrocute, and you wonder whether the same applies to electric cars.

Quick Answer

As a whole, electric cars cannot electrocute you if you follow standard safety precautions and are in a low-risk situation. 

Generally, the possibility of being electrocuted is extremely slim because electric vehicles are designed to be safe for drivers.

Unless you disassemble the electric car and remove the insulation put in place, hardly will the car electrocute you. 

Can the electric car electrocute you when driving it? Hardly.

The batteries are highly insulated and watertight, so you can drive with assurance of safety. 


Overall, electric cars are safe to drive, regardless of the weather.

You can drive through the rain, flood, water puddles, or car wash, and nothing will happen to the car or you.

The cars are well insulated to ensure protection and lower the risk of electrocution. 

You have nothing to worry about with your electric car.

However, if you suspect water has gotten into the battery, you can step out of the car, leave it to dry, and ask for help.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nothing happens when an electric car gets wet,
  • Electric cars and their batteries are tested and well-protected for safety,
  • Electric cars can’t electrocute you, under normal circumstances.










Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge