What Is Car Wrap?

You have probably seen cars with dashing designs and marvel at them. Have you wondered how they managed to do those things? The answer would most likely be car wraps. But what are car wraps, to begin with?

Car wraps are panels made out of vinyl and PVC used to change the looks of cars. These panels adhere to the exterior of the vehicle and can offer a layer of protection. The wraps can have different colors and designs. This technique began in advertising but has migrated to private use. 

If car wraps interest you, then you have come to the right place! In this post, you will learn all the details, benefits, and more! 

What Are Car Wraps?

Car wraps are vinyl panels used on the exterior of the car to give a new style to it. The panels can have different colors, designs, and finishes. Moreover, car wraps can provide a layer of protection to the exterior of the car. It also has fantastic customization alternatives. 

Car wraps are made of hard vinyl and PVC. The combination of these two materials provides both strength and flexibility. Both features combine to give great looks, strong protection, and durability to the style of your car.

Car wraps were born in advertising as an opportunity to use vehicles to broadcast brands and companies. Most of the ad-focused designs you see on cars and vans are probably made with vinyl wraps.

This useful option gained more and more popularity among private users as the years went by. Nowadays, it is among the best alternatives when you want to change the style of your car. Car wraps go head-to-head with paint jobs and Plasti-dips.

Right now, there are many experts and professional workshops all around the world doing quality wrappings. You also have the option of applying car wraps to specific parts of the car in case you don’t want to cover the whole car. This is known as partial wrapping.

The most appealing characteristic of using wraps is probably its customization ease. There’s virtually nothing you can’t create with vinyl wraps. The designs can be done in computer programs and printed on the wraps, allowing full creativity. 

Compared to paint jobs and Plasti-dips, car wraps have the upper hand in this regard. However, I understand you need to consider more aspects when choosing one or the other. 

That’s why I dedicated some time to write this thorough article comparing car wraps and car paint. 

If you happen to be more interested in Plasti-dip, I’ve also got you covered! In this insightful article, you can see both car wrap and Plasti-dip facing off!

Benefits Of Car Wraps

These are the main benefits of car wraps:

  • Lasting durability
  • Quick turnaround
  • Many customization alternatives
  • Strong protective qualities
  • Fair cost
  • Advertising opportunity

Lasting Durability

When car wraps are properly cared for, they can last from five to seven years without causing problems. Moreover, they can maintain their other benefits throughout this period. As long as the wrap is on, it will continue protecting and showing its design.

Of course, there are some factors that could reduce the lifespan of your wraps. Overexposure to the sun and inclement weathers are some of the most common things associated with a shorter lifetime.

Still, vinyl is a resistant material that can take some blows for your exterior. If you help with the maintenance like washing the wrapped car, car wrapping can be a long-lasting alternative for your car. 

Quick Turnaround

In contrast with processes such as paint jobs, car wraps have a quick turnaround. Factors such as the size, the condition of the surface, and the customization could alter the time wrapping a vehicle would take. 

In most cases, wrapping a car takes about two days. For more complicated scenarios, you could be looking at up to a week. Yet, it is rare for a car wrap to take longer than that. 

For commercial purposes, where vehicles need lots of customization, the process could take up to five days. This is due to the use of different vinyl wraps, logos, etc. 

If you cannot afford to spend too much time without your car, then car wrapping could offer you a quick alternative. Just hand over your ride to the professionals, and in a couple of days, you will have a renewed car style! 

If you want to know more about the time car wrapping takes, you can check this article from Auto Super Shield.

Many Customization Options

The sky is the limit when you want to design something with car wraps. Nowadays, there are companies and websites offering online designs for your wraps. Basically, if you can imagine it, you can vinyl wrap it. 

Furthermore, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and finishes to completely change the style of your car. If you want to go for a solid color, you can do it. If, in contrast, you prefer a flashy design, go for it. Car wrapping gives you many alternatives!

You can go to the Custom Car Wraps Website and start designing a mockup to see how it would look in your car!

Strong Protective Qualities

Vinyl is a resistant material that can protect the exterior of your car. When the wraps are placed on the surface, they keep the paintwork away from any abrasive contact and contaminants. 

Since these harmful things cannot reach the surface, the paintwork is safe from all damages. This is a great feature when you want to protect your paint for a future resale or just to keep the value of the paint job. 

Moreover, the wraps can protect the exterior from rust. The main rust-causing agents are rain and salt. With the vinyl in place, none of these agents can touch the surface. However, this does not apply to already existing rust on the exterior.

Is rust a concern for you? Don’t miss out on my detailed article about car wraps and rust. Here you will find all the information you need to provide the best care for your car. 

Fair Cost

A quality wrap can range from 2500$ to 6000$. Wrapping a car does not have a standard cost. This is due to the many factors that play a role in this process. Yet, any price difference has its reason behind it. 

The bigger the car, the more wrap needed. In this sense, the cost of wrapping a big car increases. The same happens with flashy designs. Customization comes at a price, especially if the design is too complicated.

The quality and the type of vinyl used are also factored into the cost. Even after considering all these things, the conclusion is the same: you pay for what you get. There are no tricks with a professional car wrap process.

When compared to a professional paint job, which involves many layers, a car wrap could be more affordable. 

Something to consider is that the surface of the car needs to be as pristine as possible. If the exterior is damaged, dented, and rusted, you will need to fix it and probably even repaint it before wrapping. 

Advertising Opportunity

For those in the hunt for an advertising opportunity with their vehicles, wrapping the car is a no-brainer. Can you imagine all the benefits of having your ride or the vehicles of your fleet advertising your brand on every corner they turn on?

This is also a side benefit of the customization options. You can have your logo and any other marketing device imprinted on the surface of your vehicle. In the long run, the wrapping could pay for itself.

Types Of Car Wraps

The most known types of car wraps are advertising, clear, and color. To all of them, there are different uses and benefits. There are about 8 different finishes for color car wrapping, including matte, velvet, satin, and gloss.

Advertising Wraps

When we talk about advertising wraps, the name pretty much gives away the idea. This wrap can be seen mostly on vans, advertising brands and companies. This is one of the first uses ever given to vinyl wraps on cars.

After some time belonging solely to advertising, this type of custom wrap became a trend in private use as well. Nowadays, there are many vehicles with great designs using advertising wrapping. 

Clear Wraps

A clear wrapping is a transparent vinyl used to protect the exterior. This wrapping also showcases the original paintwork of the car. With this wrap, the priority is protection. If you are looking to resale your vehicle in the near future, this could be a practical option for you. 

Rather than changing the style of the car, this type of wrap is meant to preserve it. 

Color Wraps

Ultimately, a color wrap refers to vinyl with a solid color. This can offer a different look to the exterior of the car without focusing that much on a custom design. With a color wrap, you can completely change the style of your ride. 

The variety of colors available is memorable. You need just to choose the one you want for your car, look for a renowned brand, and go for it. 


Apart from choosing the best color, this type of vinyl also lets you select a finish. Every brand has many finish options on the market. Some of the most known and used are matte, gloss, satin, brushed, velvet, and reflective. 

Having a matte color can be a game-changer for the looks of your car. A glossy car is one of the desires of any car owner, and there are wraps that can achieve that for you. Satin, in contrast, can create a combination of both matte and gloss when applied correctly.

These finishes play not only with the looks but also with the textures and the benefits. Can you imagine a velvety textured car? It is now possible with car wraps! It is also possible to have a metal texture on your car with the brush finish.

All these possibilities are within easy reach thanks to the variety of wrap finishes available. If you want to know more about each of them, you can check this article from Rvinyl.

Do Car Wraps Damage Paint?

Car wraps should not damage the paint. They are designed to adhere to the surface without harming it. Moreover, they can protect the exterior of the car from any other damaging agent. They could, however, damage the paint if they are not installed and removed properly.

Car wraps were born with the specific purpose of adhering to the paintwork. In this sense, there is no risk of placing them on your car. Furthermore, they work better with a pristine surface. If the paintwork is in optimal condition, then the wraps will protect it, not harm it.

Leaving the wraps on for too long or not caring for them could also result in damages to the paint. Caring for your vinyl will ensure that the wraps don’t affect your paintwork. If the vinyl is not cared for or left for too long, then it could fuse with the paint.

Properly installing the wraps is paramount to ensure the integrity of the paintwork is not compromised. When faulty installing techniques are used, the paint could be damaged. Going to the professionals will always be the best practice.

Some inexperienced installers could use chemicals such as primer. Using this product would cause the wraps to fuse with the paint, making it virtually impossible to remove the wraps without harming the surface of your car.

The same applies to the removal process. If you leave this task to unqualified workers, you could suffer from their lack of expertise. Faulty removal techniques would result in damaged paintwork and a scratched surface.

If the surface of the car is already damaged when placing the wraps, then the damage could spread or worsen. Moreover, the wraps would suffer from it and the lifespan would be drastically reduced. Car wraps cannot protect the exterior from already existing problems.

As you can see, car wraps on their own don’t harm the paint. Negligence, lack of care, and bad conditions are the factors that could damage your paint with car wraps. As long as you play your part to protect your paintwork, car wraps will play theirs!

Is Wrapping Your Car Worth It?

Wrapping a car can offer a cost-effective and fast alternative to change the style of your car. Its durability and protection provide added value to this process. It is a fantastic alternative for those who want to protect the paintwork and customize their vehicles.

When speed is the most determining factor, car wrapping offers a practical solution. The process takes less than a complete paint job and can give superb results. The cost is also something that can help you decide on car wrapping.

If you are looking to resale the car in the near future, protecting the paintwork is paramount. Car wraps can offer a helping hand here. You can change the style of the car while keeping the original paint in the most perfect conditions possible. 

When analyzing all the benefits this process can give you, car wrapping’s worth speaks for itself. You might need to consider other factors such as the condition of the surface. If the surface is too damaged, then wrapping would be a waste. You would probably need a paint job instead.

If originality is a key factor for you, then you might not want to alter the original design of the car. If none of this is a concern for you, then car wraps are a fantastic alternative! You just need to choose the style you want and enjoy all the things wraps can offer you!

Can Car Wrap Be Removed?

Removing car wraps is a standard procedure. The wraps are not intended to remain in place forever; they are meant to be removed. When the vinyl is in good shape, the removal should cause no damage. If the vinyl is damaged or has fused with the paint, removing it could harm the surface.

Most manufacturers design the wraps with the removal process in mind. When the wrap has been properly cared for, the removal is a simple process. The wraps can be peeled off without much hassle. 

For damaged wraps, there is a different story. When the vinyl has fused with the paint, removing it will probably damage the paintwork and the surface of the car. There is no way to ensure a problem-free removal with damaged vinyl.

It is crucial to maintain the vinyl in optimal conditions. That way, you will not have any problems when removing it. Don’t let the vinyl overstay its welcome!

If you were second-guessing wrapping your car due to the removal, you can forget about those doubts. You can have your car wrapped and remove the wrap whenever you want to without risks!

Key Takeaways

  • Car wraps can change the style of your car
  • You can have custom designs on your wraps
  • Car wraps are great for advertising
  • The vinyl offers protection to your paintwork
  • Can wraps can be removed 
  • You should not wrap a damaged surface
  • There are many car wrap types and finishes
  • Car wraps have a quick turnaround
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge