Why Charging A Tesla In Rain Is Totally Safe

Teslas are electric cars, which many people fancy due to their cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

However, who knew that the weather could be a determining factor in purchasing cars?

Many concerns arise for car users who want to buy a tesla, and one of them involves knowing whether you can charge one in the rain since it’s an electric car.

Quick Answer

As a general rule, you can charge a tesla in the rain because the manufacturers have put many layers of protection in place to ensure safety and prevent current from overflowing when charging in the rain. Moreover, besides the Gen 2 mobile charging port, all the charging ports are waterproof, so there’s no need to worry.

Teslas are safe to charge in the rain without worries about the electric components acting out or malfunctioning, and you can learn about how and why in this article. Keep reading.

Can I Charge A Tesla In Rain?

As you’d also know, water and electricity aren’t the best of friends, and people know to be careful around electricity when wet.

Teslas are electric vehicles, and if that’s the case, does it make sense for you to charge them in the rain? 

Quick Answer

In total, you can charge a Tesla in the rain with the Tesla Wall Connector (TWC) or a supercharger without worrying about any electrical malfunction because they are waterproof. In addition, Tesla’s safeguard measures are built into the cars to prevent and reduce the risk of electric shock or malfunction. 

The measures ensure that the car doesn’t charge if water penetrates where it shouldn’t, lowering the risk of an electric shock.

They also have insulated wires that are protected from different weather. 

Moreover, the manufacturers have programmed the car to detect risks such that if it detects potential external threats, it prevents the car from powering on.

However, while it’s cool and safe to charge a Tesla in the rain, you still want to be careful. 

How safe is it to charge in the rain with the different charging avenues?

Tesla Wall Connectors

Generally, Tesla Wall Connectors (TWCs) are weatherproof. Fitting the TWC to the wall is done with a NEMA 3R, which makes it weather-resistant.

There is no risk of electric shock, and it can detect moisture if water gets into it; hence, it won’t transfer voltage or charge your car.

However, you should hang the connector facing downwards or keep the port in its socket for safety and ensure your car charges.

Tesla Superchargers

The superchargers are available in many locations across the US, and they’re weatherproof.

Therefore, you can charge in the rain. However, charging in a thunderstorm can be risky to prevent power surges.

Tesla Gen 2 Mobile Charger

When compared to others, this charger isn’t weatherproof or waterproof. Therefore, you shouldn’t use it to charge your Tesla in the rain. 

Can I Charge My Tesla During A Thunderstorm?

Electricity and water are dangers people try to run away from.

Of course, your fears are valid if you have concerns about charging your Tesla during a thunderstorm.

No one wants to be caught charging their car during a thunderstorm and risk some things. However, there’s good news.

Quick Answer

As a whole, you can charge your Tesla during a thunderstorm because the electronics and cabling are designed to be lighting-proof. Moreover, the electronic parts allow you to detect them and ensure the voltage monitor recognizes the extra volt and prevent the battery from overcharging. This also automatically prevents fire or short-circuit hazards that may affect you or the car.

However, you should be cautious as well when charging in a thunderstorm.

You shouldn’t touch anything metallic that connects directly with the car’s outside.

Other than the likely body damage you can fix in a repair shop, you’re good to go to charge during a thunderstorm.


Tesla Driver’s manual says charging your car in the rain is okay unless you’re using a Gen 2 Mobile charger.

Teslas are safe, and if there are potential dangers looming, it will register the risk and shut down to prevent damage.

You’re good whether you’re charging at home or at a station.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s okay to charge a tesla in the rain,
  • You can charge a Tesla during a thunderstorm,
  • All Tesla’s charging ports are waterproof except the Gen 2 Mobile Charger,
  • Tesla can shut down charging when it senses risks.
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge