9 Simple Reasons Why Car Waxing Is Important

Car waxes are one of the most popular products in the car detailing world.

They have been around for ages and there are tons of different brands and kinds of car waxes on the market.

This has one reason: Car wax is really important and performs incredibly well.

But why exactly are car waxes so important? Check the list below to find out!

Waxing a car is important, because of the following reasons:

  • Car wax prevents water spots on cars
  • Apply car wax to protect the car from contaminants
  • Car wax protects your car from the sun
  • You can apply it to a multitude of different surfaces
  • Carnauba wax gives your car a high gloss finish
  • Car wax can last a long time
  • Washing is easier
  • Increases resale value
  • Car wax fills up small scratches

How exactly does car wax accomplish all of these feats? Let’s take a closer look in the following paragraphs.

Car Wax Prevents Water Spots On Cars

Car wax, no matter if natural or synthetic, has strong hydrophobic properties. This means, that any water is repelled from the waxed surface and will not dry easily.

Long story short, a waxed car will have far less water spots and will look shiny for a long time.

Apply Car Wax To Protect The Car From Contaminants

Car wax acts as a sacrificial layer. This means, that it sacrifices itself in order to protect the surface beneath it.

Car paint, and especially clear coat, is extremely sensitive to contaminants like bird droppings, insects, and dust.

If the car is waxed though, these contaminants will not harm the paint iself, but the car wax.

So by sacrificing itself, the car wax protects the contaminants and prevents light scratches and other problems from appearing on the paint.

Car Wax Protects Your Car From The Sun

Many people do not realize, how bad the sun’s UV rays are for car paint.

Without protection, your car is guaranteed to lose shine over time, as the UV rays damage the clear coat.

In order to keep the car shiny for a long period of time, it is important to protect the paint from these harmful UV rays.

Soft99 Fusso Coat

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Car wax is perfectly capable of doing this.

If you live in a sunny region and you love your car, make sure to wax it properly in order to protect it and to make it look nice for many more years to come.

You Can Apply It To A Multitude Of Different Surfaces

Car wax is not only great for protecting car paint.

Car wax can also be applied to car glass in order to make it hydrophobic and in turn water repellent.

There are actually many great benefits to waxing your windshield and your car windows. I have written a very informative article about it here, so make sure to read it.

You can also apply car wax to your wheels to make them pop again.

The car wax will not last a long time on them, but during the time it lasts, the wheels will be extremely easy to clean and will look shiny and clean.

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Carnauba Wax Gives Your Car A High Gloss Finish

Depending on what kind of car wax you use, your car will look a bit shiny or ready for a motor show after you apply the car wax.

There are a lot of different types of car waxes out on the market.

Some are specially designed to give the car the desired wet look, while others are engineered to be very hard, protective, and durable.

No matter which kind of car wax you are planning to use, all of them will make the paint look slick and shiny again after the application.

Car Wax Can Last A Long Time

As mentioned above there are a lot of different car waxes for different purposes.

As a rule of thumb, you can differentiate the car waxes into two categories: Natural car waxes and synthetic car waxes.

No matter which car wax you choose, it will protect your car anywhere from a few weeks up to a year.

If you are interested to read how long car wax actually lasts and what influences the durability of it, make sure to check out my posts about how long car wax lasts here.

Washing Is Easier

Washing a waxed car is extremely easy and fast and there are mainly two reasons for this.

Firstly, car wax leaves any body panel it is applied to very slick, making it hard for any contaminants to stick to it.

No matter if it is insects, rain, snow or bird droppings, the applied car wax actively fights the contaminants and makes is hard for them to stick to the body panel.

Secondly, the hydrophobic properties of car wax make it extremely easy to wash the contaminants that manage to stick to the body panel, away.

Increases Resale Value

As a rule of thumb you can say, the better a car look, the more money you can sell it for.

The first impression always counts, so make sure to make a good first impression when you are trying to sell your car.

Waxing the car regularly helps you make a good impression when you sell the car and also increases the resale value.

This is especially the case, if you wax your car regularly, even if you currently do not intend to sell it.

The reasons is, that the wax will protect your car and prevent a lot of damages.

So in the end, you car might look much better than comparable cars on the market, making it more valuable.

Car Wax Fills Up Small Scratches

Car wax acts as a filler and levels the surface it is applied to.

That means, that car wax fills up small scratches and can even make them disappear.

Of course, this is only an optical illusion, as the scratch is filled and now the light is broken evenly again when it touches the surface, making the scratch disappear.

The scratch is not removed, though. It is still there, just not noticeable anymore.

Nevertheless, the main advantage is that small scratches are not noticeable for the human eye anymore after waxing, and your car will look extremely shiny, slick, and perfect.

As you can see, car wax is great for many different reasons.

If you have never waxed your car, you should absolutely consider it. You will certainly not regret it.

What Happens If You Do Not Wax Your Car

As shown above, car wax is a must for every car enthusiast for many different reasons. But what if you never wax your car? Does ist really matter so much? Is waxing a car worth it?

Quick Answer

Car wax will protect the surface from UV rays and contaminants. If you do not wax your car, the sun’s UV rays will destroy your car’s paint over time. Moreover, contaminats can bond to the paint and scratches are likely to occur.

Short-term, you might not notice major differences between waxed and non-waxed cars. The differences start to develop over time.

The most prominent feature that is directly noticeable are the hdyrophobic properties of car wax.

If you waxed your car, the water will bead and sheet off your car amazingly well. You well notice how the water drops will just roll off your car.

An unwaxed car will have big water carpets all over it, allowing the contaminants to stick to the paint perfectly well.

There are many more differences between a waxed and non-waxed car shown in the table below.

If you check the column for “no-waxed car”, you will see what happens to your car over time if you do not use car wax or any other paint protectant.

Non-waxed carWaxed car
UV damageUV rays will damage the paint over time, leaving the car looking dull and oldCar wax protects the car against UV rays, preventing sun damage
Risk of scratchesScratches occur easily and are noticeableScratches are less likely to occur and car wax can hide them
CleanabilityCleaning will take a long time, because contaminants are stuck to the paintCar wax makes cleaning the car easy and fast by preventing contaminants to stick to the paint
Risk of water spotsWater spots are guaranteed to occurWater spots are not likely to occur, because of the hydrophobic properties of car wax
Overall lookThe car will look used and dull The car will have the desired wet-look and will look slick and shiny
See how long-term car wax can make a big difference?

As you can see, car wax really can make a big difference over time.

No matter if you want your car to be protected and just look nice, or if you want it to maintain the most value possible:
Make sure to wax it regularly! It will make a big difference over time.

Do Not Wax Your Car Too Often

I have now talked in detail about why car waxes are very important and why I can only recommend you to use it on your car.

So, let’s go and wax the car after every wash so it is protected perfectly! Well, not so fast. It is actually possible to wax a car too often.

Quick Answer

Waxing a car too often will result in milkiness and streaks on the paint. Moreover, it is a waste of time and product. Only apply a new layer of wax if you notice that the protective properties of the car wax are no longer existent.

I have written a very detailed article about how long car wax lasts, when to rewax the car and if you can wax a car too often. Click here to read it!

Key Takeaways

  • Car wax has lots of benefits
  • You can wax a car too often, so watch out
  • Car wax has many long-term advantages
  • Do not underestimate the harm UV rays can do
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge