Why You Can Safely Drive Your Hybrid Car Through A Car Wash

Water conducts electricity, and there is a general notion that both don’t go well together.

Now that hybrid cars are becoming more common; you probably want to know if they can go through a car wash before you get one. 

Quick Answer

As a general rule, a hybrid can go through a car wash, and it is safe because the electric systems, batteries, and motors are well protected from water intrusion, so there’s no risk of damage or harm. 

You should know that hybrid cars go through a rigorous testing process to ensure they are protected from water when you go through rollovers, jet wash areas, or tunnels.

Hybrid cars are safe to go through a car wash, and if you’d like to know more about how that’s possible, you should keep reading.

Can A Hybrid Go Through A Car Wash?

Hybrid cars are cost-effective and environmentally-friendly, making people drawn to them.

If there’s one thing a new or existing hybrid user can worry about is whether the car can go through a car wash.

Some people even stay away from car washes because they fear water might damage some things in their cars.

However, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

Quick Answer

In total, a hybrid can go through a car wash without any damage because of the optimum protection that shields the electric systems and motors to prevent water from penetrating. Plus, they undergo weather testing, including a soak test, to ensure that they are safe for situations like these

Hybrid cars are not so different from regular cars regarding maintenance.

You can take them through any car wash without worrying about damage.

The manufacturers secure the car’s batteries, electric motors, and systems so they can’t experience any water intrusion.

However, if you still feel worried about taking your hybrid car through a car wash, you can take some precautions to ensure protection for you and your car.

The following is what you should do:

Through Car Wash Tunnels

When taking your car through wash tunnels, you should leave the engine in a neutral state and disable the handbrake, so the drag train can pull on it.

This will also prevent the wheels from locking and enable the car to move through the tunnel.

Furthermore, you should disable automatic functions and properly close windows and doors.

You should also ensure you have a sufficient battery so the electric engine can be utilized during the wash.

Through Rollovers And Jet Wash Areas

If you’re driving through rollovers or jet wash areas, switch the engine off and engage the handbrake.

Then, close the windows, doors, sunroof, and wing mirrors and remove the aerial. 

In addition, you shouldn’t let the cleaning product dry on your car, maintain a 30cm distance between the hose end and your vehicle, and ensure the wash gun washes from top to bottom.

Can A Hybrid Car Drive Through Water?

Many myths are flying around about hybrids, and one popular one is that you can’t drive a hybrid car through water or risk being electrocuted.

If you feel bothered about that and you’re worried about being caught up in the rain or driving through a puddle, knowing the truth will set you free.

Quick Answer

As a general rule, a hybrid car can drive through water without worries because the manufacturers have put some systems in place to shut down the electrical system that makes contact with water, even though the chances are low. Plus, all electrical systems are well sealed from water intrusion.

Therefore, you can drive through stagnant or moving water without worries.

However, you should be careful when driving through water and ensure to drive slowly.

This is because your car is a hybrid with an internal combustion engine that can get damaged when you speed through the water.


Driving a hybrid car through a car wash is completely safe, and your car is at no risk of damage.

However, you need to be cautious and follow the advice mentioned in this article when at a car wash.

Remember, you should also be careful when driving through water.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hybrid cars can go through car washes,
  • Maintain a neutral engine and disable handbrakes when in a car wash tunnel,
  • Switch engines off and engage handbrakes when in a rollover or jet wash area,
  • Drive at a slow speed when driving through water to protect the combustion engine.
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge
Jan-Lucas Ganssauge